EDUCATE, ENGAGE and ENTERTAIN patients while they wait.

Cut the cord from expensive cable and deliver relevant and informative messages directly to patients and guests.

Introducing… WAITING ROOM 2.0


YOU control the waiting room experience. NOT your cable company!

When was the last time cable television promoted your practice?

With an average national wait time of 30 minutes, guests and patients are a captive audience.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mike F., Boynton Beach, FL

“Flairtab gives me a great way to interact with my patients while they are in the waiting room. It lets me advertise premium products and entertain my patients at the same time. I highly recommend the service to every office.”

Consuela H., Atlanta, GA

“From the moment we saw how Flairtab combines engaging content with information about the practice, we knew it would immediately replace the DVDs and cable programming we were running in the waiting area”

Dr. Goldberg, Calgary, CA, Owner, Dentist

“Love the concept and the technology and the ability to control the type of content, including OUR promotional content on OUR waiting room TV. Works seamlessly and without issues and best of all it engages our patients!!!”

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