Upgrade Your Waiting Room!

Whether you currently have cable TV or not, we’re looking for Doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals that have patients in their waiting rooms.  A 30 minute wait can be transformed into an engaging and informative experience for your patients and guests while also driving more revenues to your practice.

Contact us if you meet the following criteria:

Icon: checkHave at least one 32″ HD flat panel TV display in the waiting room.
Icon: checkHave internet connectivity of 1.5 MB or greater per screen.

In exchange, you will receive the following benefits:

Icon: checkFlairtab equipment.
Icon: checkInstallation and support.
Icon: checkCustomized promotional slides.
Icon: checkYour choice of streaming HD video content.

[wc_testimonial by=”Mike F, Boynton Beach, Fl” url=”” position=”left”]“Flairtab gives me a great way to interact with my patients while they are in the waiting room. It lets me advertise premium products and entertain my patients at the same time. I highly recommend the service to every office.”[/wc_testimonial]